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Individual Claims In Saskatchewan Exceeding $2 Million, Are You Covered?

We strive at Al Hattie Insurance is to ensure that as a policy holder at our office you are properly covered under your insurance to cover modern claims scenarios in Saskatchewan. In years past, $1 million in liability coverage to a home, tenant, condo, or auto policy may have seemed more than enough. Unfortunately, this year has seen several claims rising not only above the $1 million but $2 million mark. Due to this trend, we are making sure that our customers are aware of the rising cost of fire and other claims to make sure they are fully covered in case of an accident.


A major fire claim in May this year was one of several incidents that show that rising cost of living and growing density in the city and province inevitably are leading to higher and higher claims. As people's busy lives don't always leave them enough time to or to study the claims market, we strive to make sure that you as the insured are provided with coverage that will do what it is supposed to in case of an emergency; make sure you are going to be covered in case of incident.


As of Jan. 1st 2014 all home, condo, tenant, and auto policies are going to be automatically renewed with $2 million liability coverage. We have unfortunately seen claims in the province that are well exceeding the previous standard of $1 million liability coverage and we don't want you to be paying for insurance and still end up with an enormous bill at the end of the day when an accident occurs. On most policies, to raise liability coverage from $1 million to $2 million will only see an increase of $1-$2 per month per unit on your current policy. $2 million liability coverage won't be mandatory, but will now be recommended for all policies as a minimum limit. If you feel like you are at risk of needing higher coverage, it is possible to also purchase up to $10 million liability coverage when you add an 'Umbrella' liability policy.


If you have questions regarding your policy, getting your coverage changed or increased, or don't know what coverage is best for your needs, please call us (306-955-2700 or toll free 1-888-450-2700) or stop by our office at 3020C Arlington Ave and talk to one of us.

SGI's Tenant Pak Options

If you rent a house or apartmentin Saskatchewan, you have special insurance needs. Even though your landlord may have an insurance policy on the dwelling, you'll need your own insurance to protect personal items. There are several options available through SGI.

Tenant Pak A

Protects loss or damage from:

- fire or lightning

- explosion or implosion

- smoke

- falling objects

- impact by aircraft, spacecraft or land vehicles

- riot

- vandalism or mailcious acts

- water escape and rupture

- windstorm or hail

- electricity (power surge)

Tenant Pak I

In addition to Tenant Pak A, this adds protection for:

- theft, including damage caused by attempted theft

- loss or damage to items being transported caused by an accident involving the transporting vehicle


Tenant Pak II

This provides the coverage of Tenant Pak I, as well adding extra protection to your belongings in almost any instance, with certain exceptions. It's the most comprehensive protection for your belongings.


Special Seniors Pak

This is for people 60 or over who live in an approved care home, nursing home, or seniors complex at a lower cost. 



Replacement cost coverage

This is included in all packages and protects your belongings at today's prices, not depreciated values.


With an SGI Tenant Pak, you're also protected against:

- credit or debit-card loss, cheque forgery and counterfeit money

- expenses for debris removal following an insured loss

- damage to improvements you made to your premises

- damage to your property from emergency entry by police officers, paramedics or firefighters

- increased living expenses and lost rental income following an insured loss

- inflated protection

- mass evacuation expenses

- damage to trees, shrubs, and outdoor plats

- damage to the belongings of guests or household employees

- limited renter's glass coverage (not applicable to Tenant Pak A)


Personal liability coverage

Also included with all packages, this coverage protects you in case you're found legally responsible for bodily injury to someone else or for damage to their property. This is a $1 million limit in personal liability coverage to cover:

- court costs, legal fees and certain other expenses associated with your defence in the event of a liability suit

- voluntary medical payments up to $5000 and voluntary property damage payments up to $5000, even if you're not legally liable


Additional options

- Identity Theft Coverage

- Excess Protection - premises improvemnts

- Increased Limits Coverage

- Special Belongings Coverage

- Sewer Backup Coverage

- Voluntary Fire Fighting Coverage

- Watercraft Coverage

- Seasonal Home Coverage


Further information can be found in our Tenant Insurance section.