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We have saved 7.9 trees shredding our recycling!

Environmental responsibility is something we care about at Al Hattie Insurance. Through a company called Shred-It and their Trees Saved Program we have saved 7.9 trees through shredding and recycling our confidential documents.

The company estimates that every ton of recycled paper saves:

- 18 new tress from being harvested for pulp and paper production

- Uses 64% less energy

- 50% less water

- Causes 74% less air pollution than the same quantity of paper from virgin wood

If you have confidential or personal documents you would like to have shredded, Shred-It will be on site in our parking lot on June 8th for the mall's Customer Appreciation Day. There will be no fee for the shredding, but we will be collecting non-perishables for the food bank. You can come down between 10am - 2pm, and we will be having many more activities that day including a car seat clinic, child find ID clinic, and much more put on by the mall and it's merchants. More information will be available on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter in the following weeks.