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Farm Insurance

Coverage is available for all types of farming and ranching operations as well as acreage owners. Regardless of whether you live on the farm or in town, if you engage in any type of farming activity, you need a farm insurance policy.

We at Al Hattie Insurance can help you build the insurance package that provides good value for your premium dollar.

We offer all types of dwelling coverage for owners or renters. Although you require a farm package, your home will be included, and you will be eligible for all the benefits of a regular homeowners, condominium or tenant policy. Please refer to the Home Insurance, Condo Insurance or Tenant Insurance page of this site for detailed information.

Farm Buildings
We can cover your bins, barns, farm shops and other types of buildings. Options such as "replacement cost" and "all risk coverage" may be available. We can also cover buildings under construction.

Machinery, Equipment, Tools & Parts
Proper insurance coverage can keep your valuable machinery working for you. Machinery can be insured individually or on a "blanket" basis. Coverage is also available for downtime.

Accident and mortality coverage is available on most types of livestock including horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry. Exotic livestock such as elk, deer, alpacas, etc. require special attention. Horses used for competitions such as gymkhana or similar events are insured differently and one of our brokers will be happy to explain this to you.

Feed Fertilizer & Chemicals
These are all valuable items used and stored during the course of your farming activities. They can be insured for a variety of perils including theft and also can be insured while being transported in your vehicle.

Farm Liability
Both personal and farmers' liability are covered in this single comprehensive package. This will protect you and your family in case of legal claims against you due to your negligence resulting from your farming or personal activities.

Business Activities
Many farmers do custom work for others or engage in incidental business activities as a sideline to their farming operation. Coverage can often be extended to many business pursuits and commercial exposures, including but not limited to custom farming activities. Please inform your broker if this pertains to your situation to ensure proper coverage.

At Al Hattie Insurance we have contracts with the best farm insurance companies available and we will provide you with a free no obligation quote at your request by phone or email.

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