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We have many different packages as well as the option to customize an insurance package tailored to meet your contracting business needs. Some of the packages include comprehensive coverage which protects you for things from equipment breakdown to loss of stock; from crime to financial loss.

Packages are designed so you don't have to worry about piecing together insurance coverage and policies to meet your specific business needs – it's all in this one policy for contractors just like you.

The packages can automatically include coverage to protect your contents, as well as your tools and equipment, while also protecting against loss of income, liability, crime and equipment breakdown. We also have other plans that are just the basics.

We represent many insurance companies that have a variety of packages available. We can also custom design a package to fit your needs. The Insurance Companies we represent include WAWANESA, Saskatchewan Mutual, My Mutual, Grain Insurance and SGI CANADA. We also have access to various specialty markets.

Here is an example of the SGI CANADA Trades Package:
Contents: automatic protection for your everyday possessions and property at your business, including stock, equipment and any improvements you've made to your building.

Tools: automatic coverage for your tools at your place of business, at the jobsite and in between.

Equipment: automatic coverage for unlicensed mobile equipment (like a skid steer, forklift or tractor), whether it's owned, loaned or rented.

Loss of income: coverage for actual losses sustained if you're unable to conduct business due to an insured loss. Some restrictions may apply.

Liability: coverage starts at $1 million and protects you if you're found legally responsible for property damage or injury to another person. Limits are available as high as $5 million.

Crime: provides coverage for loss of money and securities, as well as employee dishonesty.

Equipment breakdown: automatically covers items like boilers, as well as mechanical, air conditioning, electrical and electronic equipment at your place of business.

Eco-friendly replacement cost: at your request an extra 20% may be provided for replacement of damaged property, like equipment, appliances or building materials, with more energy efficient or environmentally friendly items.

Ask Al Hattie Insurance about adding buildings, additional equipment or other coverage, and to increase limits.

The Benefit
As part of SGI CANADA's Value Pak family of insurance products tailored for small- to medium-sized businesses, with Trades Pak you're getting comprehensive coverage at a great price designed specifically for your contracting business and the risks it faces. It covers you for both property and liability losses.

Liability is about taking responsibility for your actions. You can face significant financial hardship if you're at fault for damaging someone's property or if someone gets injured. Insurance ensures you can pay others for their financial loss, due to damaged property or injury, with as little impact on your business as possible.

Insurance is something you hope to never use. That's why for every consecutive claims-free year you have with us, your deductible for property losses will decrease until it's zero. But if you do end up having a claim, if it's more than $25,000 you won't have to pay a deductible.

Ask Al Hattie Insurance about protecting your business with a Contractors Policy.

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