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Boats / ATV's / Sled's

There are numerous types and sizes of watercraft in today's world of watersports.

Regardless of the type of vessel you have, you will want to insure yourself properly.

Traditionally, boat owners have insured their boats by adding them to their existing homeowner's insurance policy. Although this method is often still used, you may want to use a marine insurance policy in order to cover yourself properly.

Depending on the value of your boat, a special marine policy can often save you money.

Certain types of vessels are not insurable on your regular home insurance policy and you should be checking with your broker at Al Hattie Insurance in order to ensure that you are covered properly.

We have several insurance companies that specialize in marine policies that will cover your jet ski, sea-doo, motor boat, yacht or sailboat. Regardless of the type of watercraft you have, we can find insurance for you.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card
Our office does not conduct any testing for your boat licence. This is a federal program, not administered through SGI.

Off road vehicles in Saskatchewan fall under the "All Terrain Vehicles Act" and are not licensable through SGI. ATV's are often insured by adding them to your existing homeowner's insurance policy. They can be covered for physical damage, including theft, and third party liability.

Separate ATV policies are also available and sometimes provide additional benefits.

SGI licenses and registers snowmobiles with a Saskatchewan licence plate. However, this plate coverage provides $200,000 liability only. It does not provide any physical damage or theft coverage whatsoever.

In order to insure your sled for physical damage, theft, and additional liability you must purchase a Snowmobile Insurance Policy or add them to an existing Personal Auto policy. Please be advised if a snowmobile is not brand new and accompanied by a new vehicle information statement (NVIS), we may be required to inspect them prior to insuring.

Call us at Al Hattie Insurance and we can give you a quote and help you insure yourself properly.

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