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Customer Reviews- 5 Stars

We love sharing others reviews and experiences with our office, raw and unedited. These comments are the real deal and come directly from clients.

Thank you so much Justin for taking the time to express such kind words about our office and your experience with us over the years. We are PROUD to offer continuous customer service to your family and be able to grow alongside serving your families generations. It's an honour to have customers like your family to call our clients.

We wish you and your family "all the best", as Al Hattie would say, and to stay healthy as well!

- Al Hattie Insurance Family

COVID-19 Update


**UPDATE** ⚠️

As Saskatchewan begins Phase 1 of the re-opening, we would first like to extend a very special Thank-you to ALL the ESSENTIAL WORKERS who kept up the battle these past two months for our beloved Sask community. ❤️

-The office has decided effective Tues, May 19, 2020 we will resume regular business hours. That being:

Monday - Friday 9-5 PM
Saturday 9-4 PM

-At this time, that is our first decision & we are in further discussions and planning to offer a safe environment to next open up the office to the public.

-We aim to offer many transactions over the PHONE, EMAIL, or through our MAIL SLOT.

-If we are closed, you may still utilize your MySGI account through our website at:

-To register for an account call our office during regular business hours- 306-955-2700

Pizza Night

On Friday Brent and Colleen, the owners of Al Hattie Insurance wanted to thank all the staff for there hard work to keep up with COVID work flow, and bought each staff members a pizza for supper! Talk about TGIF

And what better way than to support our neighbors at Haywoods Grill. They are still open for pick up or delivery and still JUST as delicious!! Thank you so much Roxy for feeding us. No dishes, no cooking, is a wonderful Friday night while practicing our social distancing.

If you have not tried pizza at Haywoods Grill now is the time, it's loved by all the Al Hattie Ins staff! Just check out our awesome staff pics of just how much we enjoyed it!

Individual Health Plans for every lifestyle

It’s hard to keep up with your clients’ health routines. They’re yogis, marathoners, Cross Fit enthusiasts, vegans, vegetarians, keto dieters. The list goes on. But no matter their lifestyle, they’re all looking for the same thing when it comes to health insurance: reliable coverage and plan options that fit their needs.

And that’s where we come in. We can offer our clients one of GMS' Individual Health plans, and leave them assured they’ll find the coverage they’re looking for.

GMS insurance plans provide coverage for emergency medical basics, routine preventative care and more. They offer two products, each with three plan options, so clients have choice and flexibility to select a plan that makes sense for them and their families.

Call us today for more information to apply for your Individual Health Plan! (306) 955-2700 or email

Fire Prevention Week!

We All Buy Insurance for That Unfathomable Chance That We May Have a House Fire.

In lieu of Fire Prevention Week which takes place this year from October 7th to 13th we wanted to share some handy tips with our clients to lessen the chances of that occurring:

                                               • Exposed wires are a fire hazard. It is recommended that a regular inspection of electrical 
                                                 cords takes place to check for any damage.

                                               • All flammables should be stored in a ULC approved metal fire cabinet. 

                                                It is recommended to not run electrical cords under rugs. This can cause damage to the                                                         cord and become a potential fire hazard.

                                               • Fire Code states that all portable fire extinguishers must be serviced and tagged on an                                                           annual basis by a licensed contractor. 

                                               • Need more outlets? Have a certified electrician install. Overloading outlets is a fire hazard. 

                                               • Cooking equipment that produces grease-laden vapors may be a source of ignition. It is                                                         recommended that all deep fryers be protected by a ULC or equivalent automatic                                                                     extinguishing system.

                                               • When replacing blown fuses, replace with proper rating. Call an electrician if circuit                                                                  breakers trip often